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Poems Continued . . .
Puny Dude Comic

     Breeded Believers


We a group of Breeded Believers,

Born on the church pews

We see no need to convert, for we breed

We only tell each other the good news.

With the Bible each other we feed

We are Breeded Believers

Getting fat while the world is in need

Living out our lives as a play

A mask for church

Disposable for the other days

We are Breeded Believers

And the Bible we have been taught

We memorize verses and definitions

Because the battle is to bloody to be fought

A new generation; Breeded Believers

We fill the church our own special way

Holding special events for the month of may

We got pizza, lights and a dancing dog

Loud music and a machine that makes fog

We are Breeded Believers

Come on in, sit and relax

We won't meet your needs but 

Tickle your ears

Then send you back on your way to hell

We are Breeded Believers

So you don't have to worry we won't tell

Jesus is a good guy and all but

We are to busy planing the bake sale

A bunch of Breeded Believers

Not sure what to believe

But we were told it was Jesus you must receive

Don't know if it's true ourselves

So you can take your own course

For we are Breeded Believers

We're not to leave the church

But the door is open

If you wanna come on in

Just be sure your hair is not green

And you don't have a tongue ring in

We are Breeded Believers

Christian T-shirts we like to wear.

And under our arms we carry our bibles

The gospel of Christ you will never hear

The church of Breeded believers

It is our secret club

We have a motto too

"If your not born in you can't get in"

Secret society of Breeded Believers

We love our traditions new and old

We live by our church doctrine

And will never forsake our religion

We have stained glass windows

We kill the poor and widows

We are Breeded Believers

And we ain't gonna change.

We don't need the blood of Christ

After all heaven is in our genes!!


I Went To Church Today...


I went to church today

You wanna know what I did

It's been the same every Sunday

Ever sense I was a little kid

I went to church today

I'm not sure why

I wore my new clothes

It's a suit and tie

I went to church today

It was  kind of fun

The pastor preached

And the choir sung

I went to church today

And sister Suesie sang

She wants a record deal

So she goes out with a bang

I went to church today

And the message was great

We are in week four

In a series of eight

I went to church today

And it was just like clock work

From nine to noon on the dot

The "move of God" we soon forgot

I went to church today

And 2 hyms we did sing

But no more than that cause

We gotta beat the Baptists to Burger king

I went to Church today

And wanted something new

But someone took my regular pew and

I didn't know what to do

I went to church today

And I was looking for something real

All this religion doesn't help

I need the real deal

I gave up Church today

Because I need something real

These religious people, Jesus

They would kill


I went to church today

Looking for something real

But found nothing to free me from

This addiction to my pills

I went to Church today

To find this love so easily talked about

But they had no love

I soon found out

I went to church today

And they didn't accept me

Maybe if I had money

Someone would love me

I gave up on church

They never quenched my thirst

Maybe next time

I will try the physic network


I went to church today

And man I look good in my new tie

But really serve Christ

I would rather die

I went to church today

It's my religious duty

If I want to get to heaven

I must kiss the pastor's booty

I went to church today

And I think I'll be O.K.

Put Christ aside

At least to 'till next Sunday


I went to church today

They didn't let me in

They had there own plans

And left no room for the son of man

I went to church today

Their Christianity is fake

Soon there lampstand

I will take

I went to church today

Their love for me is not real

These Pharisees; it is me

That they did kill

Monster in my Closet


There is a monster in my closet

I don't know what to do

It is a big ugly monster that won't go away

I play with it once or twice a day

There is a monster in my closet

I told it to leave

Yet I lock it in

I really believe

He is here to stay

There is a monster in my closet

That no one knows but me

I keep it safe

So no one will see

That there is a monster in my closet

That I love to hate

It torments me

And I play with it

Soon I think it will kill me

There is a monster in my closet

That I always kick out

But he stays

Worried that it will be found out

There is a monster in my closet

And I like his company

Yet all he does is hurt me

I have a monster in my closet

And I am afraid it is killing me

I want it gone

So I can live and be free

There is a monster in my closet

Who likes my attention

It doesn't love me

There is a monster in my closet

Will he forever stay

I need him to leave

So Jesus can lead the way



Would You?


Would you? I don't know if I would, I'd like to believe so, The chances are I would. But I will never know unless the situation comes. I hope that you would, I know you will because I see you do. I hope we all would if we must. If we had to I hope we would take the honor, the joy, the privillage. If we haven't already why are we calling ourselves that, did you I can tell you did, Yes you are I can see it in you. Can you see it in me? I want you all to see it. do you? Tell me is it really there? Yes, yes I believe it is, yes I know we would I hope they do, but I know we will if we have to. Why? Well because it was done for us it seems we would do it to but if we don't do it then we. . . well. . .uh. . . we how can I tell you this? If we don't then we aren't  well . . .we can't really. . . call ourselves. . . well you know. . . .. . we can't call our selves Christians if we aren't willing to give all to Jesus, yes even our lives if we have to.



When I was a Boy


When I was a boy

I was sent to Sunday school

I learned about young David

In the hand of God a mighty tool

The youngest of all his brothers

Yet God still anointed him king

The small shepherd boy

Killed Goliath with a rock and sling

David then took the head of Goliath

With the blade of the Giant's own sword

David didn't boast

The battle was not his but the Lord's


When I was a boy

The bible I was taught

Of all the great battles one I never forgot

It's Gideon's three hundred, and how they fought;

With torches, pots, and trumpets

The enemy fell by the blades of there own swords

With these numbers none could deny

That the battle was not there's but the Lord's


When I was a boy

There's a story I was told

Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-nego

These three were pretty bold

They refused to bow to the image of the king

This choice could've left 'em burned

If you know what I mean.

In the end there was no smell of flame;

For a forth man appeared and the fire he did tame

Then to the God of these three the king soon did turn

Because Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-nego didn't receive a burn

These three men fought bold

Yet not with swords

As other stories told

For they knew that the battle was the Lord's


When I was a boy

I remember all the great things I heard

The story of Daniel

He could have been considered a nerd

Hanging with the in- crowd Daniel would never be

Three times a day, down on bending knee

He prayed to God where all could see

And one day declared the king

"Any man who prays to any other but me

"Will be thrown to the lions, this is my dacree!"

  And This story unravels as so

Daniel never stopped praying

And it was to the lion's he would go

But in the Lord Daniel's trust was put

And the mouths of the lions were soon shut

Then the nation turned to the lord

Showing the battle was not Daniel's but the Lord's


When I was a boy

I dreamed of being a hero

just as David and Abed-nego

I am older now and this desire never died

I want to make a difference

To be able to say I tried

Just like Daniel and Gideon

Had there hour in the sun

I want to shine my light

And Glorify the son

To be the next giant killing David

Or like the bold Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-nego

Any of these I would like to be

Then Jesus revealed

He has a new plan that is special, just for me

And he whispered in my ear

"My child don't you worry

"Don't you fret,

"For I have equipped you for this battle

"Just realize it belongs to me the Lord of lords"


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