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I wrote this poem as an assignment in my junior year in high school. The assignment was to write a love poem and I f you know me at all you know I do not like love poems and I definitely did not like this assignment that was until I remembered the ultimate LOVE.



There was a man born of Bethlehem,

Born a Jew He didnt eat ham.


Worked with His dad as a carpenter

He heals the sick and walked on water


When He was a boy He preached in the temple

He was human like me, He probably got pimples


Led into the wilderness tempted by Lucifer

It was no trouble for Him to stand firm


When He came out He began His ministry

He said, repent from your sins and you shall be free


The man didn't mind the devil didn,t like Him

For He was doing the work of His Father in Heaven


He chose His disciples and began His journey

Most were fishers none were attorneys


He went around teaching the good news

To the gentiles, though first to the Jews


He said, God is my Father and I am the son

Some believed, but not every one.


Those who believed brought some with leprosy

Some sick and some that could not see


He healed them all through the power of God

He cast out demons and raised the dead.


He broke all traditions and fulfilled the law

He worked on the Sabbath that was the main flaw


The Pharisees accused Him of doing wrong

Blasphemy was the thing they said He had done


Late one night in the garden He prayed

The disciples slept, it was probably a long day


He said to God, His Father in Heaven

Please Father not me but not my will but yours be done.


Then Judas a disciple came with a mob

He betrayed Jesus, the Pharisees said good job


Thirty pieces of silver he had on his belt

But ran in shame for guilt he now felt


The man we all call Jesus today

Was handed to the governor Pontius the next day


Pontius Pilate saw no wrong in Him

He handed to the crowd the fate of the man


He asked the crowd, who shall I release

The murder Barabus or the man Jesus?


The crowd answered back with anger and wrath

Give us Barabus and crucify he who is left.


So Jesus was whipped and beat on the head

He was unrecognizable and thought to be dead


Jesus carried His cross to the place of the skull,

Fists and spit flew from the human wall.


Jesus fell to the ground weakened and weary

A soldier called to Simon, his cross you will carry.


When Jesus arrived to the place of the skull

All would be forgiven- yes ALL


His hands and feet they nailed to the cross

We were made free because of His pain on that cross


Then Jesus said with the strength he had left,

Father forgive them they know not what they do


He then cried out with his last dying breath,

Into you hands I commit my spirit


The sky fell black and the earth shook

All the sins of the world our savior took


They put Jesus in a rock sealed tomb

And placed a guard for fear Jesus would rise from the tomb


Three days later two holy angels God sent down

The guard that was placed fell to the ground


Jesus our Lord with power and might

Came from the tomb into full sight!


Jesus then visited his disciples for a couple days

Then ascended into heaven and will return someday


For this is the love that we all search for

God gave it to us, but we ignore.


This same Love thats not often found

It is right under our nose, we just turn around


This love that's denied we don't accept

We got it for free, Jesus paid the debt


If you want this love, ask and believe

God will give it to you if you will receive


God gave us this love, we need to take it

But pity on those who do reject it.

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