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Club Heaven
Puny Dude Comic

The following is a poem written by Loren Torgerson Jr and can easily be turned into a skit. just use the appropriate characters and follow the dialog and actions in the poem. It works best if the poem is quotted word for word. Poem can be found HERE. NOTE: Several poems can be turned into skits, so check out the poems on this site and consider making them into skits. 

I arrived at Club Heaven, music filled the air.
I walked straight to the door without any fear.

Im getting in this club Im cool enough for this place
But the man stopped me at the door, I guess this wasnt the case

Excuse me sir he said is your name on the list?
Of coarse it is I said its gotta be on the list

He checked to see if I could get in
There was a Sal and a Sam but of me no mention.

WHAT!? Check again I gotta get in this place
If I dont get in this whole day was a waste!

Alright, last time then you must go
I WONT LEAVE, Im getting in I know

Betty, Bob, Frank, Sally and Sue
But sorry sir no mention of you

What let me talk to the boss I said shaking my fist
If I can talk to him, I will get on the list

I am sorry sir that is impossible
You see the Boss his schedule is full

Then call him up cause I wont leave
Call him up and tell him its Steve

Use my cell phone and tell him I'm here
When he hears my name he will let me in there

So the man called him up and talked for a bit
When I heard what was said I had a fit

I'm sorry sir the boss doesnt know you
Step aside I must let in Sally and Sue

What I dont understand how could it be
Did you tell him it was Steve did you tell him it was me?

Yes I did and you he didnt know
Sir I am sorry but you must now go

So I turned and left the club behind
Then I had an idea, the boss I must remind

So I ran back to the man at the door
I said do me one more favor if it is not a chore

Call up the boss once again
He might need a reminder of who I am

Please tell the boss if you can
That this is Steve his handy man

If me he still doesnt know
Tell him his lawn I did mow

And if after that he still doesnt know me
Tell him I'm the guy who trimmed his tree

If the boss needs anymore hints
Tell him I'm the one who painted his fence

Yes yes sir he knows who you are
You are the one who waxed his car

Great he knows me then step aside let me in
I'm sorry sir the boss says you cant come in

He said all this doesnt mean he really knows you
You see all those works just dont do

You must be on the List to go in there
But what about the work I did does anyone care?

You need a relationship to get on the list
It seems to me sir the point you have missed

Then tell him for me I will be his friend
And he can be mine till the very end

The man at the door stared at me blankly
I have bad news for you sir he said frankly

You see sir if your name is not already on the list
It is not only the point but the opportunity you missed

I'm sorry sir it is too late you see
Now no one can let you in not the boss not me.