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More on Dating
Puny Dude Comic

Section 3
     'What is love, Baby don't hurt me!' Love vs. Infatuation/Lust
       I. What is love?
                   A. 1 Corintians 13
                   B. God is Love! 1 John 4:8
                           1. Without him it is impossible to love!
         II.  Lust, Satan's counterfiet.
                   A. Lust is rushed and rash, irritable, envious, boasts, proud(look 
                        at me), rude, self seeking(what can I get), easily angered,
                        remembers things only to its advantage, lies, bails out, says 
                        'you will never get anything better', always in fear and
                         doubting, gives up easily, lust fails.
                   B. Love always                     Lust
                       grows out of friendship . . .is instant
                        Self giving . . . . . . . . . . . .Possesive and jealous
                        Thinks ahead . . . . . . . . . .selfish, speaks mind. NOW!
                        I love you PERIOD . . . . . .I Love you if . . .
                        Patient excepting faults . . . Blind, Ignores faults
                        Trusts God . . . . . . . . . . . .Trusts desires
Section 4
     10 Commandments of Dating/ Purity and commitment
         I. No hanky panky!
                  A. keep yourself for marriage. 1 Cor. 6:9
                  B. Run from Temptation, Avoid the situation.
                            1. Dress Modestly 2 Tim 2:9
                            2. 90% of Christian teens think that sex is for love
                                      a. Sex is for marriage!!
                            3. On the average relationships last only 3 weeks after
                                sexual intercourse.
                            4. You are 4 times more likely to get a STD than to get 
                  C. 10 Commandments of dating(Exd. chapter 20)
                            1. v.3 Date only one at a time(that means in your head                                 also)
                            2. v.4 NEVER make date the focus. Jesus is the focus
                            3. v.7 Protect the others name and reputation
                            4. v.8 Take a break from each other once a week spend
                                time with God or other friends
                            5. v.12 Honor you Father and Mother(they know what they                                 are talking about(Really) they have been there)
                            6. v.13 Watch your mouth! Life and death are in the power                                 of the tounge
                            7. v.14 Do not commit Adultry(Lust, flirt with others etc)
                            8. v.15 Do not rob the spotlight(Credit or a 'moment')
                            9. v.16 Do not lie(fabricate, exagerate) to each other
                            10. v.17 Do not covet attention . . . Live to change/become                                   better!
DO NOT EVER date for Money, Sex, Or Fame, NEVER love someone's life more than person! 
The Commitment ==> "I hereby commit not to date an Unbeliever under any circumstance. I commit to stay pure, innocent, and abstanate before marriage. I commit not to dat until my love and relationship with God is complete! I will not date for Popularity but for Purpose. As God is my witness and My strength.
Note from T.J.==> If you follow God's way of doing thing's in your life you will not regret it. This goes for Dating as well as everything else, it is when you step out of God's plan is when things go bad and you will regret that for the rest of your life. below is a commitment that I challenge all to read and consider. Would you like to make that commitment before the Lord? Commitments are serious things do not say you will if you won't! Lieing to God is not taken lightly! If you would Like to make this commitment for yourself I ask that you do two things, first pray that commitment to God asking him to help you, and also email me at I like to get a running tally up as to who has made this commitment and I would also like to pray for you. If you have any questions concerning this or any other paper on this site feel free to email me, and I will respond at my easiest convenience.
              Thanks, Your Friend in the Lord,
                     T.J. Torgerson

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