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Dating Continued
Puny Dude Comic

Section 1 
     We Are Christians First(When is it Okay to date?)
       I. There is nothing wrong with dating as long as we do it God's way!
                   A. Obey your parents about dating. Eph. 6:1-3
                   B. When is it Okay to date?
                           1. Dating is unbiblical but not wrong!
                                  a. Unbiblical because not mentioned in the Bible.
                                  b. Example- Wearing 'Nikes' is unbiblical!
                            2. Relationship with God comes first.
                                  a. Do not seek love, or seek to give it to people when
                                      you do not give it to God
                                  b. Do not seek "love" more than you seek God.
                                      Exd. 20:3, Matt. 22:1-14, Matt 22:30
                             3. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
                                  a. Matt. 6:33
                                  b. God will take care of you! Just focus on Him.
Section 2
     Reasons People Date
       I. Why do people date?
                   A. Fun, Peer pressure, Image, Security, To find "Love", Sex, 
                        Reputation, Just cause, Companionship, ETC . . .
                   B. DO NOT date for ANY of those reasons!!
                              1. If you want a companion get a dog or a friend!
                              2. Looking for love. . . you have it all in Jesus!
                                  God is Love John 3:16, 1 John 4:8
         II. Why should Christians Date?
                   A. Do you want to get married?
                              1. Yes. . . Then date but do not date someone you 
                                  Wouldn't marry
                               2. No . . . then Don't date!! You are just wasting time.
                    B. Date for marriage date for Purpose.
                               1.only date to find a wife/husband only find a wife/
                                  husband if you need one.
                                        a. first find God's plan in your life(Guys) then
                                           decide if you need help if you do find a wife
                                                 i. Gen. 2:18-24, 1 Cor 7
                                        b. Girls find a Man with purpose and dreams the
                                            rest are not woth your effort!
                                                 i. Help with thier Purpose/ do not hinder!
                                         c. ALL. . . Never date an Unbeliever!!
                                             1 Cor 15:3, 2 Cor 6:14
                   C. Men if you have no dreams/ Goals/ Purpose you do not
                       deserve a wife!
                              1. DO NOT MARRY JUST CAUSE OR FOR "LOVE"
                              2. The Butterflies in you stomach will start to make you
                                   queasy (Probably just the day old pizza you ate)
                   D. Purpose, Purpose, Purpose!!!
                              1. Where are you going? what does God have planed for
                                   you? **Remamber we are Christians First!
                               2.Never enter anything without purpose or you are just
                                  wasting your time!
                               3.Advance the kingdom!!
                                        a.You are on a mission will you succeed or fail? this
                                           is determined partly(maybe even mostly) who you
                                           fighting with!
                                        b.Are you willing to forsake all to accomplish the

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