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For a New Ministry
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            If you are planning on going into ministry of any kind do not even bother if you do not have a vision for the ministry.


What is vision?

            Read Proverbs 29:18. (see The Ministry House paper on this site)

When coming up with a vision for your ministry ask your self What do I want for this ministry? What does God want with this ministry? What is God calling me to do with my life? Are these three things the same? If these three things are not the same or not even similar well I suggest you change what you want to what God wants of you, or rethinking if this ministry is what you should be getting into. An example of what you may want out of a ministry (a youth group in this example) could be


                                    [  Build an army of Teenagers that are;

Mission statement         [  Never Relenting, Never Ashamed and

                                    [  Never Forgotten!


This brings us to our next topic, Mission statements. A mission statement is a two or three sentence summery of the overall vision. It should include the great commission and the great commandment. Above was an example of a mission statement




            NAME (defines who you are)

      Not Just First Baptist Youth group or Friday night Bible study.


      Should be consistent with mission statement(for the example: Soldiers of Faith)

      I suggest if you are taking over a current ministry to change the current name this will create ownership for you and will also get the point across that it is not the same old ministry as before there are changes.


ATTENDANCE GOALS (gives something tangible to shoot for)

      Be specific, AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL it is easier to hit something when you focus in on it

      Instead of saying I want to grow this groups numbers say I want 55 by the end of this year (or whatever is appropriate for ministry)

      If appropriate for particular ministry set prizes when certain landmarks are met such as candy, or shave head when you get 100 etc

      If you will be leading adult age people(this would be same for all, but adults arent as candy driven as teens and children) teach on witnessing and bringing friends also constant reminders of the goals will help them remember from week to week. Also acknowledge it when goals are met



      Where would be the best place to meet?

      If taking over a Sunday School is current class appropriate? Is there means of changing location?

      If small weekday bible study do you want a comfortable or formal feel someones house or at the church?

      If youth group, is the current location "youthy" if not what does it need?

      What kind of atmosphere do you want?

      What decorations if any?

      Should you have music playing before you start, if so what kind?



      All believers are ministers to some extent provide opportunities for everyone to minister

      What is appropriate for group?

      Visit nursing homes

      Street witnessing?



      Fund Raisers

      Contacting Visitors

      Give each sub-ministry a name to make it official

      Give everyone something to do or atleast the opportunity to do something.



      Less tangible however very important

      For example (to go with Example mission statement)

        Teens that worship

        Teens that love God

        Teens that witness

      What are the spiritual goals for you ministry?



      Would a logo to go with the name be appropriate?

      Highly suggested for teen and children groups remember they are a market driven advertisement generation visuals are always good

      If you do have a logo

      Does it fit the name and mission statement( a pink bunny wouldn't fit with Soldiers of Faith rather a shield or sword)

      If it fits put it on everything get that image in everyones head

      Logo creates owner ship



      History is a teacher

      Gives personality

      Gives direction

      What worked in the past what didn't?

      Interviews of current leaders etc. . .



            EX. Football team in hopes of making finals.





            You have dreams? Dreams are no good unless you have a plan. If you do not have a plan you just seem to wake up from your dreams. How are you going to reach your dreams? What do you need to teach and/or do to get there?


      Come up with a teaching plan appropriate for the ministry

      Come up with a disciple plan

      Activity plan

      What is your Game plan???


Does your Plan fit into the vision? Remember the vision is the focus of everything (well besides Christ) If plan does not fit then change your PLAN your vision should not be that disposable (that is if it is God given, if it is not God given throw it out and get on your knees, if you come up blank well maybe you are not to go into that particular ministry).

** Constantly and consistently remind yourself and your group of the vision **

** Stick to The plan** what is the use of having it if you not going to follow it?




      First thing first make sure your relationship with God is strong and growing

      Make sure you are consistent in your faith and spiritually mature

      Make sure you practice what you preach

      If your spiritual life is dull and dead don't expect much from your ministry

      Make sure the vision is really yours not stolen,

 Make sure rhe vision istrue to your heart and God given

      If you have any doubts or don't want to do it then don't

      If God is telling you to do it then do it




      Delegate responsibility

      Unity among ministry and church leaders

      Unity among you and people involved in the ministry

      Make sure your pastor is behind you keep him informed on what is going on in your group

      Social Activities can be ministry too

      Do you care about people

      Call them up

      Call new people


      Ask your self often Why? Why do you do what you do? Etc . .

      Be real be Blunt, LOVE!

Have a big kick off / Vision casting Party!!!

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