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The Ministry House
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What is the Point of having a ministry if it is not an effective ministry? Will we continue to just do stuff without effectively reaching and growing people with the gospel of Christ? The following is a break down of the essentials of any effective ministry and some questions on each point so that you can evaluate if you have all the proper elements in your ministry.






                        We must always remember that we are nothing more and nothing less than ministers! Our personal lives and ministries are blended together, they are distinct but yet they run into each other at several points. Therefore our personal lives along with our ministries must be founded first and foremost upon Jesus Christ! If you are a minister (which I believe all Christians are; whether it be a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or employee) then you know that things of the ministry constantly interfere with everyday life and ministry is a part of everyday life. We as Christians and ministers must be prepared, meaning prayed up and studied up, not living in sin, and ready to counsel and pray for the next person who we may run into at the grocery store. Take this personal checklist to analyze where you are at spiritually. The blank space(s) in the following checklists are for you to set some personal goals for yourself.




      Do I have daily time studying the Bible?

      Do I have daily time in prayer?

      Do I follow God alone?

      Do I consider my relationship with Christ more important than my relationship with family, friends and entertainment?

      Do I strive to live more like Christ daily?

      Do I strive to keep my focus on Christ?

      Do I give my tithe and offering* to my Church body?

      Am I harboring any known sin?

      Do I have any habitual sin problem that is affecting my relationship with Christ and/or others?




*Offering- is above and beyond the tithe (10% of your income) offering does not necessarily have to go to the church you attend as where tithe does go to your church.






      Do I seek Gods direction in decisions concerning my ministry?

      Are we a ministry of prayer?

      Are we Bible based rather than opinion and/or psychology based?

      Are we a ministry of worship?

      Are we good stewards of all that is entrusted to us?

      Do we have a good solid discipleship program?

      Would we rather pray/study/ and evangelize than to just do stuff?

      Are relationships important to us?





** The personal lives of the leadership will determine the ministry, in other words the ministry is a reflection of the leadership.







                        Without a vision/purpose/dream/goal the people perish (nothing is accomplished). Christians are purpose people everything we do should have a clear reason and purpose behind it (if not why do it?). Everything a ministry does should also be for a reason and that reason is what we call vision. Everything we do and are should be focused around the big dream or the vision whether it is preaching or teaching or games, outings, social events, retreats, or music. Everything we do should be for the big reason, the Vision. If it is not we cause more work for ourselves with little results.


It is easier to hit a target when you know what you are aiming for!!! AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!! (See figure 1)



*Vision harnesses everyones energy, attention, passion, and resources to achieve a common goal. With no vision everyone just does stuff!



Answer the following Questions to discover the importance of Vision in your life and especially in ministry.



Read the following verses, what do they teach about vision?

            Habakkuk 2:2-3

            Proverbs 29:18

            Proverbs 16:9

            Acts 11:23


In Romans 8:28, whose purpose is it?




What are some benefits of having a clear, specific, common Vision?


What have you learned from this brief study about vision that you didn't know before?


What is the vision/purpose of your ministry?







                        The fundamentals consist of Prayer, teaching and worship. They are a must in any ministry. Prayer brings power, teaching brings knowledge, direction, and faith, and worship brings intimacy with God. These all bring a deeper relationship with the creator. These elements are vital but also useless if not built on the foundation of Jesus. Just as walls of a natural building must be built on a foundation so must the walls of ministry. We must make sure we are praying His will, teaching His Word accurately and without compromise, and worshiping Jesus in spirit and in truth from. Theses walls of ministry must also be built on the foundation of vision. Our prayers and teachings must be focused. If the walls are not built upon Jesus and upon the vision he gave us they will not stand. People can not live very long in a house without walls (a house with out wall is really no house at all) there would be no protection or covering from outside forces and the people will soon leave. Just as the structure of a building is what not only makes it a building but also what makes it inhabitable, the fundamentals of ministry/Christianity is what makes it ministry and is what will cause people to stay in the house. People are looking for something real and it is our job to give it to them or at least point the way. We have the only real thing and that is Jesus Christ!!



Why is worship important?

What does God say about worship in the following verses?

            Psalms 72:15

            John 4:24

            Psalms 22:3


Why is prayer important?

What does God say about prayer in the following verses?

            Psalms 55:17

            1 John 5:14-15

            Mark 11:22-24

            John 15:7


Why is biblical teaching important?

What does God say about teaching in the following verses?

            Romans 10:17

            Romans 12:1-2

            Colossians 3:9-10


How do you plan to incorporate the fundamentals in to your ministry?







                        Doors allow people in and out of a building. To be an effective ministry the people in the house must be actively going out and bringing new people in with them. I have never seen a house with a welcome mat on the inside of the door. We must welcome all as Jesus did BEFORE they are in the church. We are not to change them and then love them but rather to love them show them Gods love and let God change them.


Does your Ministry welcome all in and make all feel welcome?


What kind of outreaches do you plan on doing?


Where is your welcome mat located?


Do you actively have a plan on reaching outsiders?


Do you currently have a new visitors program where you contact the visitors that come in to your house?







                        People need contact with other people. People need relationships. People need fun. Is it our Job to provide theses for tem all the time? NO. However it is our Job to encourage Godly relationships within the body of Christ. Everything does not necessarily have to be ministry, meaning preaching bible study etc. Plan social events, fun times, and potlucks. Food is ministry. Fun is ministry. People won't stay if they are bored and have no meaningful contact with other people.


What are some activities and events you could do with your group?


How could you encourage godly relationships among people involved in your ministry?







                        It is important to have a plan. A plan is the path to get to the Vision. We can not go into anything without a well thought out plan. Organization is a good thing. Delegation is a good thing. Book keeping is a good thing. A vision without a plan is a bad thing.


Do you have a game plan?

How will you get to your vision?

Do you think if God gave you the vision he will help you with the plan also?







                        Just as the chef labors for hours preparing the meal for the house we must spend ample time studying God's Word so we have meat to feed to the people. They can tell if we just throw something together at the last minute. There is a big difference between a microwave meal and mom's/ grandma's home cooking. God does not honor us if we are half hearted at what we do. We must give it our all. If we plan to play a bunch of games and then end with a couple minute lesson we will starve the people. We must eat nutritious food on a regular basis to stay healthy and alive. Don't give your people microwave meals give them a T-bone steak.


Do you spend more time preparing for your lesson or preparing activities?

How about energy?


Do you think you give each lesson your all?

Could you do better?

Do you think if your lessons were natural food would it be a micro meal or a gourmet meal?







                        We can lead a horse to water but we can't make him drink. After we have spent the time studying we must present the meal. Now it is their choice whether or not they will receive it. Sometimes the food that is good for you doesn't look so appetizing but what can you do about that? NOTHING! If you sugar coat a green bean it defeats the purpose. We cannot force someone to be proactive in their faith; however we must give opportunity for growth. That is all we can do is give opportunity, we can't make someone get saved we can't make someone grow in Christ (we have trouble enough on our own as it is sometimes). You can only make disciples of people who are willing to follow. Jesus only made disciples out of the ones that followed him. I wonder how many he asked that didn't follow.



How will you ministry provide opportunity for growth?







                        Okay if any part of this paper is politically incorrect this is it but give it a chance. If people always eat but never get rid of the waste they would eventually die. Same thing is true in the spirit if someone were to always eat (gain knowledge) but never get rid of sin or digested the teaching they would eventually die (see also the paper 'The Sources of Contamination'). As ministers we must stress the importance of repentance and holiness remembering to always set the example. If a believer indulges in sin they cannot inherit the kingdom of God. We must preach against sin and provide opportunity for repentance. We must also show people how to distinguish good teaching from bad teaching so that if a wolf in sheeps clothing comes along they can spot it and they can weed out the lies of false teachings and savor the truth of the word.


What are the two forms of spiritual digestion? Give an example of each.

What do the following verses teach us about sin?

            1 John 1:5-7

            1 John 2:15-17

            1 John 3:4-9

            Revelation 3:15-17

            2 Peter 2:20-22







                        And God rested We all need rest sometimes. Do not overwork yourself or burn yourself out. Take a day off spend it with your family or with God or with God and your family, but kick off your shoes loosen your belt and rest. Ministry is hard work and you can not do it 24/7 even though ministry is a 24/7 thing. God rested; he saw rest so important that he commanded his children to rest in the Ten Commandments. So take a day a week and rest. You want it, and you need it so just do it. Throw the day planner out the window for a day and relax without plans and schedules stressing you out. Rest.



Do you currently take a day off?


Do you work on your day off?


What day is it (or could it be) and what do you do?


Is that relaxing and rest?