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The Sources of Contamination
Puny Dude Comic

I wrote this along time ago, so if it is offensive I blame it on my younger self it has been forever since I have even read it.       






                 The physical and the spiritual usually go hand in hand for example God's promise to Noah and the rest of the inhabitants of the earth were shown by a rainbow painted in the sky, and also all the parables that Jesus told were Physical stories that depicted truths in the spiritual. Another example of this would be natural water and the living water that Jesus talked of (John 4, John 7, Rev. 7). There are two forces that I could think of that contaminate water in the natural and in the spiritual theses two forces are stagnation and pollution which can work separately or together.


            When water is stagnate it means it just sits there; a puddle would be an example of this on the smaller scale. A pothole filled with water after a rain storm, supposing that this water does not dry up quickly or soak into the ground over night it will stay confined to the hole in the ground. There is no longer a source for fresh water to be let in or old water let out, it will just sit there and rot, all kinds of bacteria and algae will grow in it and what was once suitable to drink now is poison. This illustrates Christianity in the church today. (Yes I know this is a blanket statement but on the most part I believe it to be true. so as a disclaimer and to save your prideful arrogant Christia-- I mean Churchianity I will say that yes there are some individuals and (this may be stretching it) some churches out there that this may not apply to.)). Picture this you have your average Christian out there (most likely Breeded rather than converted and trained) that goes to the morgue I mean church every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 12:00, every Sunday night from 6:00 to 8:00 and maybe depending on age etc.. to youth group or a small group bible study or both or whatever.(and not to mention the Saturday morning prayer meeting  and all those other church gatherings that makes up our Christianity. You probably already see where I am going with this but I will keep going so you can fulfill your Christian literature reading quota for today. Alright let's give our "Christian" a name lets call him Mr. Holyroller. Mr. Holyroller has been going to the first second third united divided church of the holy trinity bible believing Methodist frozen chosen Baptist shout about jump in the aisles Pentecostal charismatic center of Christian science religious lutheran church of the purple red white and blue carpet Nazarenes from the south west east side group of nondenominational stained glass windows suit and tie believers church (did I get them all?) ever since he can remember. Mr. Holyroller sat in the fourth row from the back on the right hand side of the church and in the center of the pew every week and only misses one service a year, Super bowl Sunday when he comes down with the 24 hour flu. Mr. Holy roller has been going to this church for so long he is now an official member, after becoming a member of the church he was soon initiated as a greeter, and then he was promoted to being an usher. Since he has been going to church forever he knows all the right answers and the top 100 bible verses that every Churchtian knows so he fits in at all the church functions. Mr. Holyroller has all the information, data, and definitions that are needed in the Churchtian walk but there is one problem Mr. Holyroller never grows any more, after all why does he have to he is a church member and usher, and he knows all there is to know, that is every piece of information, however through out the years Holyroller forgot one thing; God and getting to know him. he sits in church every week getting fatter and fatter with knowledge never letting fresh revelation or relationship with God in nor does he let out what he does contain to the world he hordes it all for himself wasting away in a slump of lazy Churchianity. Mr. Holyroller looks good on the outside and has most, including himself convinced but he has become contaminated and must be cleansed of religiosity before he can make the difference in this world that God created him to make. Mr. Holyroller is a contaminated man that now instead of blesses people with a relationship with Christ he poisons them with religion. He has been contaminated by stagnation. (There is a little more to stagnation than that but that is all I am going to get in to it, besides you have grown up in church so you could probably figure the rest out any way.)


            Pollution also causes contamination in water. In the natural if enough "junk" is dumped into a lake whether it is trash or toxic waste eventually the water will become useless it will be a puddle of death. No life can live near it or if something drinks from it, it would become deathly ill.(or mutated in to a crime fighting turtle) This to is true of the spiritual. Christians are supposed to be a fresh source of the living water to the world so that when they drink of it they will not die but live, but what happens if the water we are giving to people is polluted? Instead of finding a relationship with there creator they find a (distorted perverted twisted man's attempt to have a relationship with God) religion. How does one become polluted? Well pollution in a Christians life is sin, it is that simple. When we refuse to give up things for the cause of Christ or refuse even to try; We are polluting our self. Let's take the same scenario with Christian number two this one will be Mr. Holyroller's wife, Mrs. Holy roller, she to has been attending the same church as Mr.' holy roller for years she holds her own womens bible study at her house every Wednesday night and sits right next to her husband every Sunday except when he gets the flu, she goes alone. The misses holds a pretty normal Churchtian life at least what is evident to the world. She is a house wife and raises the kids while her husband is at work making the money it is a typical traditional Christian-American family. But there is one problem oh no she is not stagnant like her husband is because she will talk religion with any one who will listen the only problem is she is giving a polluted message. Most of her daily intake does not come from the word of God but from talk shows and soap operas and from the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak so she will witness religion in a mellow-dramatic church opera fashion she fills her mind with the ideas portrayed in the soap operas and talk shows not to mention the music she constantly plays that talks of cheatin' hearts and boozed up boys. the only Bible she gets a day is from her verse a day devotional book so she has now become a polluted cesspool of religion that brings death and not life. She is on her way to hell does not even know it and she is bringing as much people as she can down with her. She fills her life with trash that may not seem bad to the world or even to most Churchtians because they are either in the same boat she is or they watch the boob- tube but do not let it take away from God. There are many more aspects of pollution that I did not hit on but I believe I got the point across.


            Pollution and stagnation run rampant in the American church today we are more concerned with outward suit and tie appearance then with the condition of the heart we are just as the Pharisees in the bible(Matt 23) We create heavy burdens for people to carry yet we do not carry them ourselves we look good to us and the rest of the church but God sees our rotting hearts and the world recognizes it too. We fall into 99% if not 100% of the things that Jesus talks about in Matthew chapter 23. We must repent and once again find our first love in Christ. We must stop playing the hypocrite and start to love God and love men how Jesus did. We must care for the conditions of our hearts not how pretty we look in our Sunday clothes. I believe that the modern day Church makes God want to puke just like the nation of Israel did in the old testament and just like in Revelation 3:16. And I will close with this one word that sums up everything. REPENT!