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Super Christian!

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Super Christian


        I have noticed that many Christian people have a very negative attitude. They cling to the statement of "oh I'm just a sinner barely saved by grace; let me wallow here in the mud." They will say things like "well I am only human it is not like I am Super Christian or something." If you have found yourself thinking and acting in such a deafeated manner I have Great Gospel news for you! The Word of God says you are Special!






You know the story of Superman the creature from Krypton sent to earth by his father. Did you know that the source of Superman's powers was the Earth's sun rays the solar energy from our yellow sun is what caused Kal'el (Superman's birth name from Krypton) to have his extraordinary powers. This thing that was so ordinary to every day life for the natives of Earth caused one creature to have an almost god-like status. What is my point? Well thanks for asking. Let's compare Superman's origins and powers to what the Bible says about us. Read John 17:15-19, I will quote for you verse 16(NKJV) "They (Jesus speaking of his followers) are not of the world just as I (Jesus) am not of the world." Did you hear that? Alien origins just like Superman! Let's put Superman in that verse instead of Jesus (not that Superman compares to Jesus). Superman is not of this world just as we are not of this world. WOW! Isn't that incredible! Imagine the implications of us being in the same class as Superman. I mean we would posses the same powers as him because our powers would come from the same place. Now more importantly when we keep the verse how it is supposed to be we are in the same class as JESUS! Now imagine the implications of that! We are not of this world Just as Jesus is not of this world! We share in the same alien orgins as Jesus! ( Again Superman does not have anything on Jesus) WE ARE ALIENS, NOT OF THIS WORLD!! Superman's alien origins caused him to have super powers and OUR alien origins cause us to have super powers (Phil 4:13). It is the sun that gives The Man of Steel powers and the SON that gives us powers. You see brothers and sisters you are special, created in the very image of God, stop thinking so poorly of your self and realize you are Children of GOD. You are Ambassadors of your heavenly Father (2 Cor. 5:20). And young lady do not listen to what anyone else says you are a princess and guys you are princes (REV 1:6). You have been saved sanctified and redeemed. Moreover, you may be the only Hope (as an Ambassador of the Lord) to the people of Earth just as Superman is the only hope for the citizens of Metropolis against the evil schemings of Lex Luther(weird Luther sounds kinda like Lucifer). So I urge and encourage you to not think so poorly and negativley of your self do not Insult God and His Gift (your inheritance). Understand you are special, you are important to the scheme of things, you are a Superhero just like Superman(or Wonder Woman). Praise The Lord! Our power comes from the same place Jesus' power does!





No you can't fly and you can't see through walls or shoot spider webs out of your hands but you are equiped with super powers and trust me they are much better and longer lasting!


      We have the authority of Christ! (John 14:12, Matt 28:19-20, there are more but you can find them)

      We have Superhuman Supernatural powers! (Mark 16:17, Phil 4:13)

      We have superhuman armor and weapons! (Eph 6, 2 Cor 10:5, 1 Cor chapter 12-14)

      We are not human!


       Still not convinced? (well did you read ALL the verses?)  The Bible says that we can do the things that Jesus did and even greater things! What are some things Jesus did? He healed the sick, preached the good news with Authority, loved EVERYONE, raised the dead, walked on water, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!  The Bible also says we can lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed! It says we can pick up serpents and if we drink anything deadly it will not hurt us. If you are thinking I am crazy about now that is ok I am just quoting the bible. However, of all these powers that we have there is one that is the most important and that is the power to point people to Jesus and see them rescued from the grasps of hell. The power to change someone's life eternally. Superman cannot even claim that! YOU ARE A HERO. YOU HAVE POWERS.YOU MAY BE THE ONLY JESUS PEOPLE WILL EVER MEET.YOU MAY BE THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE PEOPLE AT YOUR WORK, SCHOOL, CHURCH, FAMILY, TOWN, AND CITY. 





No superhero is complete without not only superpowers but also weaknesses. Just like the good ol' Caped Wonder had his Kryptonite (radioactive material from his planet) that would literally suck his powers away and make him just as vulnerable as the next guy (the stuff could even kill him). We too have weaknesses that hinder us in our Christian walk. Here are some of the basic weaknesses of an Average-Hero. Pride, yes that is right, pride. Reading about how you can save the world and do all these great things may convince you that you are cooler than cool, but remember it is not your power you are wielding it is God who empowers you. The moment you start thinking too highly of yourself and not giving God the glory well your powers will be sucked away and as proverbs says pride comes before the fall (Prov. 16:18). Also on the flip side of that would be lack of confidence(faith) in God. This "fake humbelness" as it were destroys what God can do in your life! Trust God at His Word and For what He says He will do in His Word and Do Not appologize for it! Another one would be secret sin you know that thing you are too ashamed (there is pride again in yet another form) to get help with well it will ruin you someday (Eph 5:8-14, Rom 2:16). Then there is always that old sin nature popping up at unexpected times. If you keep letting it come back well it will also ruin you. Your old man is dead let him be dead (2 Cor 5:16-18, Col 3:9). Then there is always your personal bondages and struggles that you may have, each individual hero has thier personal weaknesses that they need to overcome (Hebrews 12:1-2). What it all boils down to no matter how it may be disguised is SIN. I am telling you and God tells us in His Word TO RUN from it, it is Kryptonite, it will suck you of all power and authority and will kill you (that can be physically or spiritually).







Whether I have convinced you of your hero-like attributes by now or not you are probably wondering what I will say next.  You are a hero and that is a fact, whether you believe it or not, whether you feel like one or not the fact still remains the same, you are a superhero to this planet we call Earth. The question now is what are you going to do about it? Jesus told us to go into the world (Matt 28:18-20). He gave us His power and authority and passed the torch to us, put the responsibility in our hands. How will they know if we do not tell them (Romans 10:13-15)? What if Batman never left the Bat cave? What if Clark Kent never went in a phone booth? What if Spiderman settled with being a photographer? What if Billy Batson (Captain Marvel) never said SHAZAM!? What if firefighters and police officers ignored the 911 calls? And what if the real heros of today, the children of God never left their church pews, never opened their mouth? Someone may have the ability to be a hero but they are not a true hero unless they use those abilities for good. I would believe not using those abilities, constitutes as using them for evil. If you saw someone drowning and did not try to help them that is against the law. If you see someone headed to hell and did not try to warn them the blood is on your hands (Ezekiel 3:16-19). We were put on this Earth for such a time as this. It is our duty to continue the ministry of Christ. We must comfort the hurt, wounded, and dying people of the world with the same comfort that we have been comforted with (2 Cor 1:3-7) . So I challenge all Christians everywhere to be who you are, be a hero and go in to the world with this attitude.



When the devil and sin runs rampant.

When depression and disease are on the loose.

When the enemy has your friends and family held captive.



Go Save The World!!

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