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Useless and Useful
Puny Dude Comic

     I thought of this skit during a Saturday night service at my church. The sermon was on Philemon verses 10 and 11. The message of the skit is to show that when we are not doing what we are designed for we are useless. Keep in mind this is not an exact script it is just the general idea.
Need: 4 actors and a fold up chair.(the chair is the only nesecarry prop you may use other objects or may just have pretend objects)
Action: starts with person 1 one stage alone.
P1: "Hmmmm I need to hang up this picture(holds pretend picture) I have this nail here but no hammer. wonder where I can find a hammer(Looks around stage briefl, notices chair folded up laying down in mid stage or leaning against wall) "AHH HA there is a hammer(picks up chair) Lets see how does this work?" (continues to mess and struggle with chair, trying to hammer in pretend nail, finally gives up) "This hammer is no good I give up(sets down chair frustrated, leaves stage)
P2: (enters stage) "Its raining if only I had an umbrella." (sees chair) "Ah ha ther is an umbrella" picks up chair uses it as umbrella) "This umbrella is terrible its too heavy and im still getting wet" (put down chair leaves stage)
P3: (enters stage swatting at pretend fly around his head) " this fly is so annoying I need a fly swatter! (finds chair tries to get fly with it, knocks over stuff in process but finally gets fly) "what a lousey fly swatter, I mean it got the job done but jeez I coulda killed myself inthe process(put down chair leaves stage)
P4: (enters stage, visably tired) Man I have been walking all day my feet are killing me!" (see chair unfolds it and sits down) Wow that is much better, I will just rest here a minute.
P1,P2,P3: (enters stage one at a time correcting P4 on the proper use of the chair and also arguing amoungst self)
P4: "well if this really is a fly swater or a hammer or an umbrella tell me did it do the Job of those things?"
P1, P2: NO
P3: well yes I killed the fly. . . (hesitant) but I kinda made a mess in the process"    
P4: "Guys Im telling you this thing is called a chair its made to sit on"
P1,P2,P3: "and how do you know that??
P4: Well simple because I designed it!
P1,P2,P3: (look at P4 and chair in awe, all leave stage)
The End.
Note: You can use something else besides a chair as the main object, maybe a guitar or other object. Also think of as many uses that you see fit. Just have fun with it.