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The Dream!

Puny Dude Comic

Mission Statement:


To use the varying facets of creative arts to be a Hero to the dying world and fight the evil of mediocrity with our every step!



                  1. Loving God, Seeking Him both Personally and as a Group.

                  2. Loving all People, Never playing Favorites.

                  3. Going wherever God sends us, wherever the people are.

                  4. Using our talents and gifts to bring God's word to all.


Hero's Code:


                Our Superhero status comes from our faith in God. We know and Believe that we are nothing without Him, and that through Him all things are possible. We have complete faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and in the Bible as the complete inerrant Word of God. The Bible is our guide, we live by it, and we deem every word letter and punctuation mark as valuable and unchangeable. Without Faith it is impossible to please God.



                Our FAITH and complete reliance, dependence and belief in scripture as the truth, produces action and works in us. We believe therefore we live it. We will not conceal our talents and gifts but will use them. What Good is Superman if he never used his powers? We know that with great power comes great responsibility. We LIVE our FAITH not just talk about it.



                        We are who we say we are and we do what we say we will do. We always do the right thing, regardless of feelings and convenience. We know our actions are the only representation of Christ people see, and seek to reflect Him and not defame His name. We embrace servanthood and humility, we are nothing without Christ. We keep our word. We are honest. We are consistent. We are faithful. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions. We do what is right.



Our Greatest Power is our ability to love. By our Love people will recognize us as Heroes, as children of God. We treat people with love and respect. We do what we can to meet peoples physical and spiritual needs. We treat all people equally, we will not be prejudice of anyone. We are committed to each other. We hold each other accountable. We appreciate. We trust. We respect and protect all people. We encourage. We put others before ourselves. Love for people and love for God will be the driving force of our ministry.



                        We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality and strive to be a people who exude with excellence in everything we do. We work as a team. We are committed to the highest standard of quality. We learn from our mistakes. We have a plan purpose and vision in all that we do. We do ALL to the glory of GOD!



                        We dare to dream as big as God dreams. We believe that with God on our side we can and will achieve the impossible. We give all the glory to God we diligently seek to fulfill his call and purpose. We will not give up, we are determined. We dream big. We will be a people with a dream and a vision.


The Vision:

        It is the vision for Average Heroes Ministries to follow the plan and vision set up by M.O.C youth ministries, and to assist in that ministry with the use and contribution of varying facets of the creative arts, being Drama, Music, Poetry, Video and any other means available to us. We would like to use these tools available to us to rescue a dying world from the power of sin and Satan. To battle the attitude of mediocrity and conformity within the Body of Christ. Not only would we like to bring presentations to the youth Group and congregation of the Peoria Church of the Nazarene, it is also our vision to go to other churches in the city state and country to minister to them as well, It is also our vision to do some street side evangelism and use other forms of secular culture to minister to the lost such as radio, TV, Schools etc . . (we do not want to make recycled Christians nor do we want to fish in the fish farm and shine our lights in our own eyes).


We will do this first and foremost by seeking God in our lives through prayer and Study of Scripture. We will stay committed to pray for each other and the ministry as a whole. We will practice our parts(or whatever necessary) show up to all practices, meetings, rehearsals etc. as possible so that our performance and presentation are professional as not to put God's name or work in a bad light. We will put the needs of others first creating an atmosphere of love wherever we go and whatever we do remembering to always give our all and to never laugh or make fun of anothers short comings and inabilities. We will participate in all group activities. We will try. I believe this Group is God ordained and this desire was and is planted in my heart by God. The failure or success of this team does not depend on how good we act or how cool we are but rather did we give it our all, did we try did we do it for God! Our spiritual lives will directly influence the success and affect of the performance over people's lives. As we stay true to God and to His high calling on our lives He will bless us with open doors into other churches and into the community. God only knows what He has planned for us.


2 Corinthians 5:20

1 Peter 4:17-19

John 3:16

John 17:16-19

Mark 16:15

Romans 10:14