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A Hero's Story

Puny Dude Comic

By: T.j. Torgerson

NOTE: This is a work in progress. . . character names etc may change. please let me know what you think so far

          In world darkened by crime polluted with hate and terrorized by evil. It seemed the people of earth had nowhere to run nowhere to hide from the evil villains. They had no savior, there only escape was to give in to theese menaces of society. The only protection the citizens of earth had was their own fear holding them prison inside of there homes but even then they still were not safe. Where will our help come from the people of earth used to wonder but now they have lost all hope for deliverance their dreams of a great world were shattered they could not or dared not even hope for hope. Their vain hopes would turn into vain dreams and vain expectation that ultimately turned into great disappointment. In the midst of this all lives our hero a great hero the only one that can save the world from itself from its evil.Where is this hero? Our hero indeed does exist he indeed is the one who was chosen for this task, not by men, not by a king or a great ruler, but by God himself. He has been chosen but just as the other men of the earth he hides in fear wallows in pain and does not know that the fate of the world rests in his hands. This hero known to most as Joe, on the outside does not seem to be anything special does not seem to hold any special abilities. He is just a young 14 yr old boy, born and raised in a small town where no one knows him but those who have raised him and grew up with him. He goes to a small school where he sits in the back of the room where no one know his name. He does not get excellent grades, he is not good at sports,  the only thing Joe is not average at is being average and in that he is above average. This is where our story begins in the life of average Joe.

         Joe stared at the round, white faced clock hanging in the back of his Science class room, counting the seconds until the day was over. Tick tick tick, each second seemed longer than the last. Tick tick tick, just one more minute and then it is the official start of summer vacation, three whole months of freedom, three months of playing videogames, watching day time TV, and swimming in the creek. Tick tick tick.

"There must be something wrong with this clock  because at least five minutes have went by, either that or this is the longest minute since time began" Joe thought to himself . Tick tick tick, 30 seconds left.

"There must be some huge cosmic Practical joke played on all students on the last minute of the last day of school making the last minute, seem to last forever! The forces that be must be getting a real good laugh at me staring at this clock right now." Joe's thoughts continued to theorize. Tick tick tick, 15 seconds left.

"It cant be that Im over anxious to start the summer I mean what do I really have to look forward to?" Tick tick tick 10 seconds left.

"Sure no school, no homework, no studying." Tick, 9 seconds.

"But I mean its not like I ever studied or did my homework." Tick, 8 seconds.

"For me it will be no fun, no friends, and no vacation." Tick 7 seconds.

"I guess I can play my videogames and watch some T.V." Tick 6 seconds

"But I already beat all my videogames and well that will last a whole week." Tick, 5 seconds.

"I could go to summer camp or get a job or maybe go swimming." Tick, 4 seconds.

"But we are too poor, I'm too young and I do not really like to swim." Tick, 3 seconds.

"I guess I will find something to do this summer." Tick 2 seconds.

"I always do." Tick 1 second

Rinnnggg!!! Joes thoughts were interrupted by the school bell, all the students leaped out of there seats in unison and ran out the door throwing there old school papers in the air, leaving them for old Janitor Stevenson to clean up. School was out. Joe walked quietly and slowly down the hall all alone. This day of excitement for the other students of Jefferson Middle school was just another day for Joe Thompson he had nothing to look forward to. Just like every other day Joe went out side to wait for his mom to come and pick him up. He sat there on the curb waiting and waiting and waiting.

            "Where could she- ." Joes thoughts where interrupted by an all to familiar voice.

            "Hey Joseph are you waiting for your mom again?" Ms. Hart, Joe's english teacher asked.

            "Yeah she should be here soon." Joe said hopefully

            "Okay; Joseph I can give you a ride home in a bit if you want  I just have to finish up a couple things." The caring teacher said, knowing that the chances were she would pick him up on her way home. When Joe's mom didn't show up he would walk home. Soon being picked up by Ms. Hart who would take him the rest of the way home. Today it would be no different, the ritual would continue.

            "No its Okay Ms. Hart she should be here soon."

            "Okay Joseph." Ms. Hart said smiling as she made her way back into the school. A couple minutes passed  and Joe looked down at his watch he had already been waiting 20 minutes and he really did not want to sit there any longer so Joe began to walk. Just as nearly every other day the ritual would continue Joe would walk down the street away from the school, past the small strip of store fronts where thier was a barber a small market a soviner type shop and an ice cream parlour, cross the street make a right a block down through the alley then another right and usually about this time Ms Hart would Show up to take Joe the rest of the way home. However today would be different for Joe. 


        As Joe turned the corner towards the alley, he heard the faint sound of feet scuffling and distant yells and screams, not thinking much of it as these were the sounds of the city. Joe was all too familiar with them. He continued on towards the alley, on his way home. Future dreams came rushing from the backdoors of Joes mind,

"Someday I will make it big. Someday I will have money, not just some but lots of it, someday I will have friends, and someday mom won't have to work."

Someday seemed so far away and out of reach for Joe yet he had what most in his world did not have and that was the courage to dream and the innocence to hope for better tomorrows. He had not yet been completely infected by the plague of darkness and despair that so completely and effectively condemned the world.

"Someday I will be able to do something, someday I can and will make a diff-", Joes thoughts and stride were suddenly stopped as he turned into the ally. Joe was frozen there in time his surroundings flooded all five senses. The taste of the school cafeteria rose in his throat, but it never made its escape. Joe could feel his own urine warm his pant leg.  He heard the muffled cry of a young woman, her pink dress torn. Her plead for help muffled by the large hands of evil. One man was standing over her adjusting the zipper on his pants; another man was bent over her, interrupted before he could go any further. Joe saw a third man that looked to be the girls father he lay unconscious in a puddle of blood forming around his head. And Joe smelt fear. Was it the fear of the girl and her father? Was it his own? Or was it the fear of the two men Joe interrupted as he turned the corner and there eyes locked. Joe didn't know nor did it matter as he stood there like a deer caught in the headlights of an 18 wheeler.

The smell of fear drifted from Joe's nostrils to the large callused hands of evil. Slithered up his arm like a green snake, made its way over his shoulders, up the neck and eventually found its way to the nostrils of the men that were abusing the girl. The fear chiseld away at the callus until all that remained was a 18 year old gang member spending "quality" time with his little brother. The fear infiltrated the young men's bodies, tying their stomachs in knots, turning thier legs and arms to jello, invading the younger brothers mind with confusion and hate as he looked up from his brother's supervision and saw in the shadows a figure approaching. What he saw was not a skinny boy a little younger than he. What he saw was a giant. A giant pointing an accusing, condeming finger at him. A giant that held his fate in it's hand. With one hit of the gavel could lock him away. It was cop, judge and jury. What he saw at the other end of the alley was the overwhelming power of Justuice. He was caught now he felt fear, now he felt shame.

The fear now ooozed from every oraphas and pore of the two gangsters. green slime of fear fell from them on to the ground around the young woman it moved in to make its attack on her helpless body. The fear came from all around her covering her suffocating her.The young lady heard the feet scuffling at the other end of the alley. Questions filled her mind whats going on? Why did he stop? Is there another man that is going to join in the abuse?What's going to happen to me now? She looked up at the dirty boy over her. What she saw was not a ruthless rapist that was once there but a frightened little boy. Any other circumstances and she may have felt pity for him. She turned to look at what the boy stared at in the darkness. If this was a fairy tale and she were cinderella, the figure that moved in the alley was a knight, his armor glistening in the sun, sword drawn riding on a beautiful, strong white stallion, standing on its hind legs about to charge his enemy. However this was not a fairy tale this was too vile, dark and disgusting to be a fairy tale but nevertheless the figure was a hero.