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The Three Prayers
Puny Dude Comic

This is just a broad idea take it and change it and structure it however nessecary. The message is there is kingdom work to be done everywhere you look and you dont need God's premission to do it.

Cast: An American Christian, A Foriegn Christian, An American(or foriegn) non christian

Set-up: Each person in a seperate area of stage all three are praying.Try creative ways to position the characters(use spotlight on active character, or maybe have the three standing back to back and rotate around as each person is praying. leave room for actors to improvize.

Action: Start with light on American christian:
American christian: Dear Heavenly Father I come before you today humbley and meekley to present to thou mine requests Oh Lord, First off I would like to pray that you would help me buy a brand new car one of those nice red convertables would be great, help the loan to go through so that i can get a good deal on it, also i pray that for my birthday next week I get a Big screen TV one of thos fat plasma ones would be perfect.
fades from him still in prayer mode light goes to Foriegn Christian
Foriegn Christian: Dear Lord I thank you for this Beuatiful day and I praise you for you love and lord i thank you for your word and i pray lord you would provide some way to bring more bibles into my contry we hunger for you word lord if even just a page of the bible or a single verse we would apperciate it greatly, we love you lord and we love your word.
Fade out to Non Christian.
Non christian: God if your out there um I could use some help my family is falling apart I am hooked on drugs I need help please send some help to me God if you are there.

I suggest for dramatical purposes to cycle through each person several times and not nesecarily in the same order each time I only wrote the above to share the idea of the skit.
have American pray selfishley and for God to show him what to do and pray for God to open doors to minister to the world.
Have foriegner pray non selfish prayers and pray for other people.
Have non chritian pray in doubt and maybe in negative view of christians. but mainly have him pray in desperastion.