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Conformer Christian in Disguise!
Puny Dude Comic

Need: Several Actors, Several hats(or masks or labels whatever you have handy) with different labels on them(For exanple: "cool" , "Jock" , "Skater" etc)
Message: Do not be conformed to this world.
Action: Starts with Person#1(Joe) Wearing his "christian Hat" talking to his chrisian friend on phone about "God stuff".  conversation ends in enters person#2(Bob) wearing a "cool hat" When Joe sees Bob coming he quickly swithces Hats, Joe says hey to Bob(Joe trying to act "Cool") they talk briefly Joe emphasizing that he is cool during dialogue. Bob exits. Frank enters wearing "jock hat" reapeat above process, Joe emphasizing that he is cool or whatever each hat is labeled. Continue this process introducing several different Hat labels when 3 or 4 are introduced have several show up at a time and come and go so Joe has to switch hats quickly and sometimes wear more than one hat at a time also during this time have his christian friend call so he has to juggle his christianity with his other "hats".
Just Have Fun with it and make it as crazy as you can. I would recomend that the people go on stage randomly so that "Joe" literally has to react.
I got this idea from the Skit "The Jerk" found on