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Walking With God!
Puny Dude Comic

This skit illustrates the diiferent ways people walk with God I will give you the 4 ways. you can do with them and illustrate them however appropriate for your church.

1. One guy runs ahead of God over anxious never waits on God when he arrives at the door it is locked because God maybe has a different door or a different time.

2. The next Guy walks with God but becomes easily distracted and wanders off the path maybe then runs to catch up with God.

3. The third person walks with God but trips over something hurts himself then is too afraid to get back up and continue to walk for fear of faliure again.

4. the forth person walks with God step by step.

These are just the 4 I could think of. Feel free to add or change however neccessary to fit the sermon or lesson to be illustrated.