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About Me

Puny Dude Comic

      I have always wanted to write a sort of short auto-biography or you may call it a testimony but I have never got around to it. It seems whenever I sat down to get my thoughts and such together to do it nothing happened. I just sat confused wondering several things, first off what should I include in my story and what should I omit. I would also think to myself well who really cares what I have to say or what I have done and been through. It seems there is nothing auto about Auto-biographies. Several years have passed since the last time I considered doing this. I am a little older now, I am out of my teen years, I have found a wife and experienced some hardships. So here I am again sitting at my computer typing away and hoping my story and thoughts will maybe this time sort themselves out and come out to be something beyond me, a story about me that will maybe help some and inspire others. May God's hand be on me as I write and on you as you read.
      My name is Loren T. Torgerson Jr., But have been simply Called T.J. since I can remember. I was born on July, 26 1982 in Oklahoma. I lived in Oklahoma untill I was three or four(so I don't really rememder it), at that time my parents loaded up me, my two(older) brothers and four sisters(three older 1 younger) into the Station Wagon and an old International pickup pulling a trailer loaded down with all our stuff bearing a sign that read "AZ or bust." After however many days and however many breakdowns we made it! to Prescott Valley, Arizona. This is ultimatley where my story begins. . .