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The Bet

Puny Dude Comic

Jody(or is it Jodi) owes me a dollar


I do not remember the incident very well, but I do remember it was back in junior high school. I was in the eighth grade and I attended Bradshaw Mountain Junior High located in Dewey, Arizona. I had Mr. Block during third or fourth hour (It was the hour during lunch). Mr. Block was my math teacher probably one of the best I have ever had. I passed his class with an "A" (90 %( only because he rounded up my 89.9%)) I probably could have gotten a much better score if I would have done more of my homework but that is beside the point. It was right after lunch if I recall correctly and the students were filing into the class room slowly waiting for class to begin again. I got there early as usual as I guess Jody did also I do not remember the details but I do remember part of our conversation (How we got into a conversation I do not know (I was quite the shy one in those days)). I told her that I was going to be a superhero when I grew up(I was of course joking) and she of course did not believe me, but I was insistent on at least dreaming for awhile and persuading her of my hero like attributes so I bet her a dollar that I would be a hero one day and we shook on it and then continued to joke that I would bring her on a talk show or something to get my dollar from her after I have become a super hero and well I guess the ironic, humorous part of it is here I am trying to claim my prize because I indeed in fact am a superhero(Complete with super powers and some pesky weaknesses). SO JODY IF YOURE OUT THERE YOU OWE ME A DOLLAR!!! 





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