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Personal Commentary on the 'Johns'
Puny Dude Comic

several years ago I read the 4 books of John.(The Gospel,1 John,2 John,3 John) as I read them I jotted down several notes and ideas the following is a compileing of those notes.

1:6-9   If you are carrying a flashlight at night. You are not the light nor are you the sourece or power of the light. You are just the one that is carrying the light and the power it contains. You carry the light so you and others will be able to see.
1:18   No one has ever seen God. But Jesus has proclaimed Him, taught people about Him shown people His love and His Power. Just as one has never seen the wind, no one has seen God. People know the wind exists because they feel and see its power blowing on them. We know God exists Because we feel his love, power, might and presence blowing and pouring into us!
1:26 and 1:33   Man Baptizes with water but God/Jesus baptizes with the holy Spirit
3:30   He must increase but I must decrease. Before God can increase in your life you first must decrease in your own desires. this will give him the room to grow in your life. If you spend all your time watching TV, playing video games or doing other stuff then all that stuff will take up your life but if you spend time in God's word and praying listening to christian music and teachings then God will take over your life.
8:31-36   Sin is a slave master people who are in sin are slaves to sin. The truth (Jesus) can make you free from Sin. Slaves are not always welcome but the son is! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
9:10-11   They asked him how were your eyes opened and he said by Jesus. Jesus is the one who opens our eyes literally and spiritually to show us the world to show us our sins and most of all to show us the truth. Jesus opens our eyes to our sin and to his truth that will set us free from our sin.
12:24   When somebody dies and leaves nothing behind and accomplishes nothing in thier life or death then thier life was a waste. If a soldier dies in boot camp he acomplished nothing as a soldier. But if a soldier dies saving another or for his country then he has a great life. Just as Christians, if we lead our lives doing nothing then our life will be a waste, but if we live our lives leading people to Jesus then our life had worth. Jesus saved more people in his death than any man can. Jesus was raised and lives today
12:30   Everything that Jesus said, did or anything that anyone said or did to Jesus did not happen for his sake but for our sake.
12:24   Again if a grain falls and withers away without being touched or picked up to make bread, if it does not produce anything then it is useless. if a grain fall and someone gathers it up and makes bread to feed the poor or a king or whomever then that grain had a purpose. but when a grain falls and goes in to the ground and produces much more grain then that grain had a greater purpose.
13:7   What God sometimes does in your life you will not understand but once it is passed you will understand and it will be shown to you why God did what he did.
13:35   The world will recognize you as Christians by the love you show to others. this love must be shown to everybody not just those you deem worthy of your love but show love to all and put everyone and thier needs before you.
14:14   whatever you ask in Jesus' name he will do it. that is if it is within his will and holy and pleasing to God. He won't give you your evil desires.
14:15   You say you love Jesus but you do not keep his commands? you do not truly love him. you may think you do but you don't. If you do not keep his commands you do not love him. In order to know his commands you are going to have to read the Bible.
15:1-8   Without Jesus we are nothing. we can not do anything but die. But with Jesus we produce plentiful fruit.
16:21   Things may look  pretty bad right now. Times may be full of sorrow  and anguish but remember the outcome will give you Joy peace and understanding. You will soon forget the hardships you went through to get there. But please when more hardships come do not forget the good grace of God.
1:6   If we say that we have felowship with God and walk in darkness we lieand do not practice the truth. If we say that we are godly Chirstians people, but we walk is sin continualy. and we constantly sin out of habit over and over again. I am not talking we slip every now and then but it is a repeated thing and continued thing a life thing, Then we are liars and do not practice the truth and have nothing to do with God.
1:9 -2:1  If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrightousness. if we confess or fess up to our sins God will forgive us and cleanse us too!if we say we are sinless, we are liars and are calling God a liar, The word says we all HAVE sinned. God did not give us 1:9 as a free ticket to sin when we want then later repent, then sin and then repent, then sin, then repent etrc . . .(that would not be true repentance any how) but God told us he would forgive us just in case we do sin. he did not tell us so we could sin. Jesus will be our defense attorney.
2:3-4   We know we know him if we keep his commandments. If you say that you know him but do not keep his commandments you are a liar. The true test  for our love/relationship with Jesus is our obedience . If we follow God with all our heart then we love him but if we say we Know God but do not have the actions then we are LIARS.
2:23   If you deny Jesus as the son of God and also As God then you also deny GOD. If you accept Jesus as the Bible teaches him  then you will Have God. Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the father also.
4:4    He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. We are of God we can and HAVE overcome 'them'(see v 3). we have overcome all through Christ. We can conquer any temptations, any evil desire, any workings of the devil, Through the power of God by the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
4:7-8   GOD is Love. We must love one another with the true love of God as described in 1 Cor 13. We must not love with the false love of this world but with God's love. If we love we are truly of God and we know God but if we do not love we are not of God and do not know him for God is Love.
4:11    If God So loved us we should also love one another
4:20    If you say you love God but do not love the people around you, then you are a liar. if you do not love someone you can see how can you love God whom you cannot see?
5:4-5   Our Faith overcomes the world not our faith in money or self but Faith in God. Verse 4 says whoever is born of God Overcomes not will or has or might but overcomes it is a present tense word denoting a daily process of overcoming. It is our Faith in Jesus that will overcome, 'Who is he that overcomes the world? he who believes that Jesus is the son of God!'  AMEN
5:7   For there are three and these three are 1(Trinity)
5:12   If you have Jesus you have life, nothing or no one else can give Life except Jesus. The wages of Sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.
5:14-15  When we pray God's Will(God's Word) the answer is always there and it is always YES!
1:8-11   Look at yourself, examine yourself all the time so you do not loose what you have worked so hard for. when you fall in sin get rid of it and keep pressing on ward so you may recieve a full reward. v. 9  Sinners do not know God. Saints who walk in God's word and follow his commands Know God. vv. 10,11  The Bible is the ultimate authority do not recieve anyone who teaches ANY doctrine contrary to what the word of God teaches. if you accept the false teachers it makes you a false teacher.
1:11    Do not follw or imitate man to try to lead a godly life, they probably know as much as you do and they might even be trying to copy you(except in the case of being discipled learn from that person what the bible teaches).Do not imitate people just because they say the are of God see if they produce any FRUIT. Good trees prduce good fruit bad trees produce bad fruit. Always keep in mind we are to ultimatley learn from the word of God people can be our teachers and guides but the Bible is THE STANDARD. Just because your teacher has a certian calling does not mean you are to have the same calling. God has a unique plan and Purpose for you. Lastly do not imitate someone who is in out right sin because that would just be stupid.

When reading this keep in mind I wrote it several years ago when I was only 13 or 14 years old.