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No Holding Back
Puny Dude Comic

         I have heard it said that Jesus did not promise that it would be easy but he promised that it would be worth it. And to the best of my knowledge this is true. Jesus did not come to preach an easy gospel but rather He came to preach the gospel that says you must forsake all to be His disciple, you must leave all to follow Christ. In our Christian life we can not let anything hold us back. So I will make this decree and challenge all to accept it; NO HOLDING BACK!! That is what our attitude must be that is what we must profess when things come in our way trying to hinder our walk with God, No Holding Back!! Ask yourself what is it that is holding me back from walking with God. What is it that would stop me from worshiping God? What is it that would cause me to stumble or cause me to give up? What is holding you back? Be honest what is it? It is time for Christians to get serious about their walk with God it is time to live a life of holiness and a life of character. We can not afford to continue in our rebellion. Did you know that 120 people die every minute that is two every second in fact by the time you finish reading this paper approximately 500 people would have died. Are you ready to get serious about your Christian walk? The world is counting on you. Your neighbor is counting on you. That friend going through a divorce, the one that just lost a loved one, the ones about to die this very second they are counting on you. So right now I challenge you to stop and think right now what is it that is holding you back from walking in the fullness of God, What is stopping you from being a Godly witness to your friends take that reason and get it fixed in your mind. Is it worth it? Is that reason worth your or someone elses eternity? Grab a piece of paper write it down look at it, mull it over and come to a conclusion. Will you continue to let that thing become an idol? (Exodus 20:1-2) will you continue to hang on to your secret sins? (Hebrews 12:1) You see the choice is yours on what you will do. You have the power to make that decision what you will do with each moment of the day whether you will be Christ-like or rebellious the choice is up to you. The only thing that is holding you back is YOU! We can no longer blame peer pressure or a bad childhood for our mistakes we must take the responsibility, we must get the help, we must decide on our own what it will be. You see if our refusal to witness causes antother person to stumble or another person not to come to Christ then that is SIN and not only is it sin but God will hold us responsible for it. (Ezekiel 3:18). Think once again  about that thing you give credit to for holding you back look down at that paper cross out your excuses and write over it I am the one responsible for Me. It is up to me to seek God and others for Help. There are NO excuses! Now ask your self will I continue to be held back, or will I exceed my limits and live for Christ? If you want to give all to Christ right now, make like nike and JUST DO IT! Do what you must to get the help you need to live a godly Christian life. There are NO EXCUSES!