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81 Ways to Witness
Puny Dude Comic

  1. Door to door
  2. Wear Christian T-Shirts(make sure they have a clear gospel message on them
  3. Hand out tracts to people  in public places
  4. Fill up a wallet with tracts maybe put a little bit of money and leave in conspicous place for someone to find
  5. Leave tracts in restroom and in other places
  6. Rent out a auditorium and preach/ show Jesus film
  7. Street preach
  8. Carry a cross
  9. Bake a cake for the nieghbor
  10. Put a fruit/gift basket together and include a Bible and some tracts for friend/nieghbor etc . . .
  11. Drive by witnessing
  12. Pass out the Jesus film to your friends nieghbors and co workers/ or have a public showing of Jesus film
  13. Be a friend to someoe that needs one
  14. Feed a hungry Person
  15. Chat room witnessing
  16. Invite friends over for a movie(left behind or other movie with christian message)
  17. Hold a neighborhood Bible study and BBQ
  18. Ask friends/ strangers/ Nieghbors/co workers what they think about God/ Bible/ Jesus/ Christianity etc . . .
  19. Ask them where they will go when they Die
  20. Volunteer at a nursing home or childrens hospital
  21. Stand on a busty street corner with a 'Jesus sign'
  22. 'Jesus picket line'
  23. Get a band together play in a public place when crowd gathers witness
  24. Street mimeing
  25. Street Dramma
  26. Street Puppet shows
  27. Make like an old time evangelist and stand on your car hood and proclaim the gospel
  28. Jesus bumper stickers
  29. Take your friend/nieghbor out for lunch and talk to them about Jesus
  30. Invite People to church/ youth Group
  31. Street preaching (1 on 1 evangelism as oppossed to yelling to everyone at once)
  32. get a group of friends together go to a public area play 'hacky sack' when more people join share the gospel
  33. Pass out Bibles
  34. Rent out a skating rink or other family fun park advertise it to public draw in people and love them and share with them
  35. Skate/ Bike/ Run for Jesus
  36. Share your Testimony with others
  37. Share other peoples testimonies with others
  38. Be the Best at school/Job/ Home let your achievment be for the glory of God
  39. Join a christian Club or organization
  40. Start/ Join a prayer group
  41. Random Email(Spam people with the gospel)
  42. Random snail mail( get adresses out of phone book and send people tracts etc
  43. Crank call for Jesus, call random people sharing the gospel( I actually know a couple of gilrs that did this!)
  44. Make a flyer/broshure about the true meaning of christmas and hand them out during christmas season
  45. Do the same thing for valentines day but make this one about the true love of  Jesus
  46. At new years make a fley/broshure dealing with new beginings
  47. Do same thing on other holidays etc
  48. Make a christian show for your local public channel in alot of places this is free
  49. Make a Jesus commercial T.V./ Radio
  50. Make tapes of sermons hand them out to friends etc . .
  51. Tapes of Christian Music hand out to friends etc . . .
  52. Pass out poems etc with gospel message(Take anything from this site you want to just let me know)
  53. Make a web site
  54. Get in a parade and promote Jesus
  55. Do crazy things yell from school balcony  etc
  56. Do prayer walks around the schools and community etc. . .
  57. See a hurt/sick person and pull a Mark 16:17
  58. Tell people Jesus is coming back, ask them if they are ready
  59. Give an encouraging word to cashier at stores or teachers etc
  60. Bon fire
  61. Pray for city etc
  62. Mission trips to mexico etc . . .
  63. Mission trips to Safeway/ K-mart etc . . .
  64. Write/call churches to hold revivals/youth rallies
  65. Secret Gospel Santa
  66. Halloween harvest party
  67. Hand out tracts with candy on halloween
  68. Have a block party
  69. Use sticky letters to put the gospel message on your car
  70. Get a movie projector and show the Jesus Film on a side of a building
  71. Buy a bus
  72. Start a newsletter
  73. Carnival for Jesus
  74. Volunteer to help out church
  75. Get involved in a ministry/ start a ministry
  76. Call people from church and check up on them
  77. Start a prayer chain
  78. Sponsor a Child
  79. Stand up in a cafeteria/ restuarant and proclaim the gospel
  80. Pray4U Ministry(make a commitment to build relationships with people and pray for thier various needs and just sit back and watch God move.