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101 Reasons to Praise the Lord!!
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Reasons to Praise the Lord


1.     You are Elohim, God of all creation complete in and of yourself.

2.     You are El Shadday the unmoving unwanting changeless enduring all-powerful GOD.

3.     You are El Elyon, God Most High there are none above you.

4.     You are El Roi, God of seeing; who saw me and saved me. You see my heart you know everything about me and you still love me!

5.     You are El olam, the everlasting eternal God who was and is and is to come.

6.     You are Adon, you have all authority and power, you are in control.

7.     You are Jehovah the Lord God almighty, present with your people today.

8.     You are Jehovah-Jireh, you are the Great provider, always providing for me so I can I shall not want.

9.     You are Jehovah-Rapha, My healer the great physician, I was deaf but now I hear, blind but now I see, lame and now I walk!

10. You are Jehovah- Nissi, The Lord my banner; you give me victory over the enemy.

11. You are Jehovah- Shalom, The Lord my peace who gives to your children peace and rest.

12. You are Jehovah- Tsidkenu the Lord my Righteousness For without you I am nothing.

13. You are Jehovah- Raah, The Lord is my Shepherd my protector, My Guide, I shall not want.

14. You are Jehovah-Shammah, The Lord is present help in time of need

15. You are Jehovah- Sus, The Lord my salvation for without your grace and Love all would be lost and headed to hell.

16. You are the Rock; you are My Rock, a firm place to stand.

17. You are my strength and my Shield.

18. You are my Light I shall not fear.

19. You are a father you, you are my Father, My Daddy- God.

20. You help me in times of need.

21. You are my portion; in you, I will be satisfied.

22. You are my song in you I will rejoice.

23. You are my Redeemer; by your blood I was saved.

24.  You are the Potter I am the clay. Make me and form me to be more like you.

25. You have given me you son, He is. . .

26. The great I AM revealing himself in all creation, He is my everything.

27. Jesus you are the Holy and Worthy One.

28. Jesus you are righteous, good, faithful, and true.

29. Jesus you are God The spotless, sinless, Perfect Lamb.

30. Lord Jesus I praise you for your great patience, long- suffering, and mercy.

31. Jesus you are God full of grace.

32. Jesus you are Jehovah of glory

33. I praise you Jesus for you paid the penalty for my sins.

34. I worship The Lamb of God that was slain before the foundations of the world.

35. I thank the anointed one by his stripes I am healed.

36. You are the first and the last, The beginning and the end, for all was created for you by you and through you.

37. You are the author and finisher of my faith, completing in me the work you began.

38. Jesus you the Great God and savior of the world.

39. Jesus, holy one, Lamb of God you are the true God.

40. You are the Word Living and Active inside of me.

41. Jesus you are Immanuel God with us.

42.  You Lord are the great Judge over all creation holding us accountable for all our deeds.

43. You Jesus are the King of kings and Lord of lords, there is none like you.

44. Jesus Christ the holy one, Son of God; Praise be to your name.

45. Jesus you are the supporter and preserver of all things.

46. You are the branch of Jesse the root of David, Just as the prophets said.

47. You are my Advocate before the Father.

48. You are The Way, The Truth, and The life The ONLY way to the father.

49. You are The Messiah!!

50. You are the Chief Cornerstone the sure foundation.

51. Jesus You are the light of the World that draws all men to you.

52. You are the Horn of salvation.

53. You are the Life changer.

54. Jesus you overcame the world.

55. Jesus you empower your Children to do all things.

56. You defeated the Enemy and have given us Victory.

57. God you are Love everything you do is out of Love, You cast out all fear.

58. I praise you Lord for your Word, It is truth it is unchanging just as you are.

59. I thank you Lord for the privilege to worship you and enter in to your throne room.

60. I Praise you Father for sending us your holy spirit that helps and comforts us.

61. Holy Spirit you are our teacher, teaching us all truth.

62. You are Good true, free Spirit of Jehovah God.

63. You are the Spirit of Jesus Christ our redeemer.

64. I praise you for you are the Spirit of revelation and wisdom revealing to us the things of the Father.

65. You are the Spirit of Holiness empowering your followers and children to walk in holiness.

66. You are the spirit that gives us boldness.

67. I praise you Holy Spirit for your Personality you are not just a force but you are God.

68. Thank you for empowering and equipping your servants with spiritual gifts.

69. I thank you Holy Spirit that you inspired the Bible it was not written by men but by you God.

70. I thank you Holt Spirit for convicting me of my sin so that I turned to Jesus Christ.

71. I thank you Spirit of God that you lead us in to all truth and righteousness.

72. I praise you holy spirit that you are Active and alive in the world Today.

73. I thank you Free Spirit of the Lord that you teach and speak to your Children.

74.  I thank you great Comforter of God that you have called, commissioned and anointed me.

75. I praise you that you work miracles in our lives on a regular basis.

76. I give all glory to you, for you have regenerated and sanctified your children.

77. You are awesome for you have power over all evil Spirits.

78. Holy Spirit I praise you, you are the wonderful third person of the trinity, you are omnipresent, omnipotent, omniescient and eternal.

79. I praise you God that you always provide a way out of temptation.

80. I worship you Lord for you are great you hear the prayers of your people.

81. You are the trustworthy and dependable God.

82. I thank you God that you have given me a mouth so that I can praise your name.

83. Thank you for my hands so that I can lift them to heaven.

84. Thank you Lord for my eyes so I can behold your beautiful creation.

85. I praise you my King that when the enemy comes before from one direction he flees from me in seven.

86. You have put breath in my lungs.

87. You allow the blood to flow through my veins.

88. You give me joy unspeakable and full of Glory.

89. You turn my mourning into dancing.

90. You are the answer.

91. Thank you, lord for making me a new man, old is gone and new is come.

92. Thank you, Jesus for your ministry of reconciliation, now I can walk and talk with God as Adam did.

93. Thank you, Lord for building and preparing a mansion for me in your kingdom.

94. Jesus I Praise you for equipping us with armor and Weapons.

95. Praise you Lord for you have given me a heart Transplant.

96. Praise you Jehovah for giving me the opportunity to serve you/

97. Thank you Jesus for giving me your ministry of reconciliation.

98. Praise you father that you drafted me in to your Body, Where I have a great family.

99. Thank you Jesus for giving me true rest.

100.                    Thank you Lord for Being God.

101.                    Thank you Lord for giving us countless reasons to Praise You.


Praise The Lord!!